Wed, 22nd April


Leading Through Change with Toni Courtney

Change success relies on leaders leading from where their people are and not from where leaders expect them or want them to be.

Thur, 23rd April 


Virtual Networking

What an awesome turnout at our first Virtual Networking session last month.

Wed, 24th Nov 


When we talk about confidence in the workplace, the term executive presence is often discussed, but many find it hard to put their finger on what it is and how they can lean into it. 

Our experience has shown that women are far more likely to rely on unsustainable strategies like working hard, acquiring (more) qualifications and work experience to enhance a sense of presence. 

We have a much simpler and more effective strategy to share with you this month. 

Together with guest speaker Jeanette Allom Hill (who oozes a delicious sense of presence), we will be discussing the in's and out's of strengthening your executive presence. As always, we will be sharing invaluable steps for you to implement in your own authentic way - A way that will support you in drawing people in, building authority and influence, gaining clarity and focus, articulating your vision with confidence and maintaining your centre in times of pressure.

Join us on Wednesday 24th of November @ 12PM AEDT as we explore how to reveal more of your authentic self to have a more significant impact, influence, and presence. 

We'll have time at the end for Q&A, so prepare your questions! Register here.

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