7 Weeks to Unshakeable
Unbreakable Confidence

A program for women looking to develop confidence and courage in their career, wanting to maximise their potential and overcome the fears and beliefs that hold them back.

Overall, participants experienced a 31% increase in confidence from the start of the program.

Own Your Talent

Face Your Fear

Create Your Future

  • Do you find it hard to make decisions and stick with them?
  • Do you struggle to speak up and be heard?
  • Is it hard to ask for what you want?

We know that the Act of Confidence comes before the feeling of Confidence and that is why we have  created this course. Most women wait until they feel 100% (or even 150%) Confident before they speak up or take action and that is getting in the way of them achieving the career and life they deserve.

Get clear and
make decisions

Career and Life

Articulate and share your value

Speak up more and be more visible

Ask for what you want

Payrises, promotions and flexible work opportunities

Ask for help

Networks, mentors, collaboration

Fall down and
get back up again

Resilience, failure and fear

Set and enforce boundaries

Maintaining personal power & say “NO” with confidence

Build your brand and presence

Build profile and influence  with key stakeholders

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Are you Ready?

  • Are you ready to live life with your confident self?
  • Are you ready to stop overthinking, procrastinating and negative self talk?
  • Are you ready to create the career and life you deserve, doing what you love, earning what you are worth?

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